Three Signs an Arranged Marriage Might be for you by Sophia Sasson



Three Signs an Arranged Marriage May Be For You
You’re probably thinking arranged marriages are an old fashioned notion that belong in a historical novel, or are for women from oppressed cultures. You’re picturing a scenario where a woman is told who she must marry, and has to be with some insufferable man for the rest of her life.
That’s not how modern arranged marriages work. Picture this—you complete a form listing all your requirements. It may look something like this:
• Wants a serious relationship, not just a hookup.
• Is employed full time by someone other than his father/mother/sister/dog.
• Knows how to do laundry.
• Etc…
You provide your list to someone, be it a friend or an online dating site, and they come up with candidates who meet your criteria. You’ve just skipped the time consuming part of figuring out whether your date is worth a second or third look. It’s love…arranged.
Doctor Meera Malhotra, the heroine of my novel, First Comes Marriage grapples with the modern day dilemma of needing a life mate who will understand her career aspirations and cultural norms. She is all set to be married to her childhood best friend; a wedding arranged between their families. So what is she to do when she falls in love with an American cowboy? Is her entire life in London worth giving up? Could you be like Meera?

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Top 3 signs an arranged marriage could be for you:

• The bar scene and first date awkwardness is not your thing.

Hate the idea of going to a bar and playing the pick up game? Or weeding through hundreds of online profiles wondering who might be a serial killer? If your friends and relatives pick him/her, you know the crazy factor is somewhat reduced.

• You don’t have time to date and waste.
The biological clock isn’t just ticking, it’s full on clanking. You’re an independent, mature person who wants to have children one day and would prefer it with a mate (although it’s not an absolute necessity). The last thing you need is to spend months with someone who isn’t serious about a long term commitment, or doesn’t want children.

• You have deal breakers.
Don’t want a smoker? Hate people who spend hours watching golf? Having candidates screened ahead of time avoids that awkward moment when you realize you’ve fallen in lust with someone who has a non-negotiable habit.


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So tell me, would you be open to an arranged relationship?


Written By: Sophia Sasson

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