New Release: Distant Starless Nights by Myriam Ullens


Kimberly Rochester has led a life filled with romance and adventure. The years have also dealt her unimaginable heartbreak, but she has always triumphed over adversity thanks to her exceptional spirit and inner strength.

Then one day she finds herself alone and in despair on a beach near her manor house in Brittany. She is on the brink of relinquishing everything… until her teenaged grandchildren arrive just in time. Eager to remind their grandmother of her courage, they beg her to share her life story. Their only request? She must leave nothing out.

Kim’s history begins with an elite London upbringing, surrounded by wealth and privilege but filled with loneliness. Refusing to let her relentlessly cruel mother or a harsh Belgian convent school dampen her passion for life, Kim discovers her first friendships and the depths of her own imagination. Her dashing and loving godfather, Uncle Oliver, is a guiding light whose love and tales of adventure give her comfort and ignite her curiosity.

As Kim recounts her young adulthood in Paris, her journey to China during the Cultural Revolution, her dangerous love affair, the birth of her children, and the secrets and lies she uncovers along the way — she weaves a portrait of an extraordinary woman who can see the world’s beauty even in the most fragile and fleeting moments. Inspired by the author’s own life, this heartfelt novel also reveals how resilience, hope, and family can sustain a person through the greatest of hardships.

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