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Fed up with her comfortable and dull-to-boredom life, Liv takes the bravest leap, leaving it all behind. Unfortunately the crux of her issues – her entrenched, well-kept emotional guard – tags along for the ride.

With the spirit of change burning from every pore and a determined plan to break free from her self-oppressed lifestyle to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures, she moves half way across the globe to a peaceful Spanish coastal town.

With an aim to feel whole again, liberated and happy by herself, Liv begins her journey while maintaining weekly-cyber therapy sessions with her long time, questionable shrink.

As Liv finally begins to enjoy her new life and experience the varied goods the exotic country has to offer, a sudden major turn leads Liv to be swept into the most tantalizing roller coaster of her life.

A turn that leaves her questioning everything she thought was right.

My Review:

Excelente! MUY Deliscioso!

It was a complete honor to be given a chance to read Leaving Me Behind before the official release date!  (Received ARC for my personal opinion.) This book will make the 4th book that I have read by Sigal Ehrlich and at this point it has to be pretty obvious that she’s one of my favorite Contemporary Romance Authors. Ehrlich has the ability to make her characters come to life to the point where you are sucked in and no other life exists (not even your own), until the very last page, (however I still have lingering thoughts on this book a couple of days after reading it). I absolutely love when a book draws me in to the point where I’m so captivated by it that I simply can’t put it down and I have to know what happens next.

Leaving Me Behind is about Liv, who had a very successful career and has decided that her life as she knows it, is boring. Her best friend Kai accepted a job that allowed him to travel around the world. This is when Liv decides to live abroad for a year in a quaint town in Spain. The goal of this trip is to find herself and enjoy a stress free life. She leaves behind her wonderful mentor Saul, a loving father, a meddling mother and a SmartAss therapist who she still maintains a relationship through cyber sessions.

As Liv, gets settled in she meets new friends and Sebastian Noe Balle…First off, I need to SWOON… I LOVE the name Sebastian… It’s so freaking HOT!

The chemistry between Liv and Sebastian is sizzling hot from the start. Their first actual sexual encounter was so UnBelievably Smoldering that I’m sure I will always remember it when I take a shower or when I see the book cover! (WOW, is really I all can say to that!)

“With the parting of my lips, his tongue reaches in, filling my mouth with warmness, wine, and an intoxicating breath. His tongue commences to stroke mine through the rich moistness; a combined sensual flesh on flesh electrifying sensation hovered by the tingling of the aromatic liquid. It skims around my tongue, letting the luscious liquid reach every part of my greedy mouth. I suck hard on his tongue, tasting the wine and him; my desire grows, and grows with every erotic stroke of his.”


I’m a wine drinker…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WINE…So, when I read this, I MELTED… Again another lingering memory that will come from this book EVERY TIME I drink wine! I think we have it all wrong and sexy fictional character Sebastian Noe Balle a wine expert has it right! That’s the absolute proper way to “Taste” wine.
Overall, I love Leaving Me Behind! i enjoyed the witty Liv and sexy as hell Sebastian! The characters and the plot are well developed. Best of all, there are so many lingering triggers that will make me remember this book. Sigal Ehrlich is a Phenomenal writer and I can’t wait to read more books from her.

One question remains for me: Will Kai and Stephy have there own book?! (Oh, please and come on!- okay, so now, I’m begging!)


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