About Me

I am a mother, a wife, a book lover, and an enthusiastic reader!

I grew up as a military brat and later became a military spouse. I’ve lived in different places around the world.

I am really fortunate to have been exposed to different cultures. My top two favorite places that I’ve lived are Turkey and the Philippines. If I were to choose, I’d have to say that I like Turkey a little more than the Philippines, but it may sound a little biased since I met my husband Anthony there.

We have been married since 2001 and have a daughter who’s 10 years old. We currently reside in Ellicott City, Maryland.

I have always loved reading, but over the past couple of years, my love for reading intensified greatly. I started to read more and more, but I felt a lack of fulfillment and knew that something was missing. 

Reading is so amazing, especially when you can’t wait to share and discuss what you’ve just read. I would discuss the books I have read with my friends and family, but it just wasn’t enough. I wanted to reach out to other book lovers and authors to share my thoughts and feelings about how amazing, mortifying, unexpected and brilliant their stories were. 

I truly love discussing and recommending books to read. This was the missing ingredient that led me to share my love for reading books with all of you through this blog! (Side note: I’m definitely not claiming to be a writer, so please forgive me for any punctuation or grammar errors. I’m working on getting better at that. It’s funny because I can spot other peoples’ grammatical errors right away. I’m blinded by my own mistakes, it happens to the best of us!)

Another passion, I have is business. My undergraduate degrees are in Business Administration and Legal Studies. It wasn’t until after I completed my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) that I realized that I completely enjoy all aspects of business. 

I’ve worked in different business positions over the years Legal Accountant, Estate Administrator, and Legal Administrator. I wanted to do something that would enable me to use both my skills and passion. After much consideration, I decided to create this blog. It’s really a win-win situation.

Truly, running a blog is like running a business and at the end of the day, I can honestly say, ‘I love what I do!’

As I venture into the world of blogging my journey of combining two of my passions have become a reality.

I’m truly addicted!

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